What if Santa Claus Was in Menopause?

by betsyr on February 9, 2020

What if Santa Claus was in menopause?

Picture a middle aged Santa as his sleigh begins to lift
He’s halfway to the heavens when he sees he forgot the gifts

Perhaps he’s a wee bit cranky as he slides down each chimney stack
His feet are achy, eyes are itchy, he’s got pains all down his back

He’s sweating something awful, a hot flash has got its grip
His jolly suit is soaking so down each chimney he does slip

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10 Menopausal Memory Improving Tips

by betsyr on January 19, 2012

As we move through middle age and transition over to the menopausal side of things, our memories can take a hit. The whereabouts of the keys, the scheduled but forgotten appointments, the reason we went downstairs—all seem to defeat us at times. Here are 10 practical Memory Tips to help make remembering a little bit easier:


1.     Jot everything down on sticky notes
2.     Place sticky notes in places where you have to see them: bathroom mirror, kitchen counter, car dashboard, computer screen, in drawers, etc.
3.     Write down your appointments the moment you make them.
4.     Jot down appointments in a variety of places: ie- your planner, your calendar, and your phone.
5.     Keep your mind active with games (crossword puzzles, computer games, etc.) and with new information (study a foreign language, learn a new sport, pursue a new hobby, etc.)
6.     Eat well
7.     Sleep well
8.     Take your vitamins ( we love Omega-3, Vitamin D,  and Calcium)
9.     EXERCISE  (it helps everything)
10.   Manage your stress: Regularly engage in activities that replenish you. Whether that is spending time with friends, listening to music, practicing yoga, cooking….whatever your fancy, remember to actively engage yourself in activities that renew you!
What helpful tips do you have for improving your memory? Please send in your best memory tips and you just might see them here soon (Please do it now so you won’t forget!!)

Our favorite quote of the week comes from a recent New York Times review of the anniversary special return of the BBC television show “Absolutely Fabulous”. read

“I grieve for the menopause, I don’t have any hormones, darling. I’m just held together with gels, pills and suppositories.”

This irreverent comment about menopause comes from Edina or “Eddy”, one of the lead characters played by the show’s creator Jennifer Saunders. We’re absolutely looking forward to watching “Absolutely Fabulous”.

Watch the show, have a laugh, and let us know what you think of the satirical characters Eddy and Pats by sending us your comments.

Hot Flash Mob Recipe

by betsyr on January 2, 2012


2 cups of courage
12 menopausal friends
1 cup of I don’t give a sh_t!
1 chill video producer with camera
6 cups of patience
1 bubbly former Patriots cheerleader
12 bottles of spring water
12 cool tank tops
3 oz. of “I forgot the words”
4 Tbs “My body won’t do that step”
24 trips to the bathroom divided into 12 equal parts


1. Spread dancers out leaving 1 arm’s length between each
2. Tuck loose bra straps into tank top gently (repeat)
3. Add rap lyrics and choreography and move vigorously until blended well
4. Ignore jiggles, creaking, and moans while continuing to stir
5. Film and repeat
6. Edit and post on YouTube
7. View at: HOT FLASH MOB
7. Click “Like” and post comments immediately
8. Send to everyone

Serves: Millions (we hope!)

To Tank Top or Not To Tank Top?

by betsyr on January 2, 2012

We’ve all got parts that we love and parts that we hate. Some of us love the look of our hands and absolutely hate our feet while others shudder over thigh issues while feeling great about ankles. It’s hard to imagine that anyone feels terrible or great about their every part. Seems it’s always a mixed bag when it comes to how we feel about our bodies.

Our recent hot flash mob challenged many of us as we bared arms for all to see. Those of us with leg rather than arm issues got off easy this time. Who knows what’s next!

Come and see us out on a limb at: Hot Flash Mob Video

Who else but 12 menopausal “soul sisters” would agree to toss on a tank top and spend two hours at a dance studio learning choreography and a rap for the world’s first “hot flash mob?” Embrace this display of mid-life fun. View the Period Peace Hot Flash Mob video.