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“This book is incredibly enjoyable to read and I found myself laughing out loud”

– Reva from Hackensack, NJ

“Hilarious, spot on, entertaining, painfully true and insightful. I will give it to all my girlfriends who need respite and a moment of laughter in the middle of a hot flash. With or without a uterus, this book is for you.”

– Marilyn from Taunton, MA

“So far I haven’t found too many things funny about menopause, but your book is hysterical”

– Jill from Miami, FL

“It’s not really our demographic”

– Steve and Larry from Sharon, MA

“You two hit it on the head. I got a real kick out of this”

– Nancy from Westerly, MA

“I love that book. Where can I buy a bunch to give to all my girlfriends? I need Period Peace!”

– Lori from Massachusetts

“Incredibly imaginative, interactive, insightful, invaluable, and irresistible.”

– Barbara from Johnstown, PA

“Fun and humorous way to look at a process we wish we could skip.”

– Nancy from Cranford, NJ

“Even men should find this book delightfully entertaining and educational.”

– Mark from Philadelphia, PA

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