You Are Not Alone!

We created a website just for you (all 43 million of you, in fact) to begin your journey to the lighter side of this irritating experience. As Mother Nature puts the brakes on our personal biology, we’ve decided to enjoy menopause and we’d like to invite you to join in, too.

Check out our tips, female facts, and strategies. Linger over our Menopause Haikus, read some of our articles, look at our resources, and enjoy our Dear Menopause Diary entries.

This is just the beginning… we intend to build a community of users who can contribute articles, recipes, thoughts, jokes, etc. We want to hear from you about what matters to you. Just Email Us

Hot Flash Mob

Check out the “Period Peace Soul Sisters” in the world’s 1st “Hot Flash Mob” video.



Period Peace Book Cover

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