perimenopause symptoms

Hot Flash Mob Recipe

by betsyr on January 2, 2012

Ingredients: 2 cups of courage 12 menopausal friends 1 cup of I don’t give a sh_t! 1 chill video producer with camera 6 cups of patience 1 bubbly former Patriots cheerleader 12 bottles of spring water 12 cool tank tops 3 oz. of “I forgot the words” 4 Tbs “My body won’t do that step” […]


To Tank Top or Not To Tank Top?

by betsyr on January 2, 2012

We’ve all got parts that we love and parts that we hate. Some of us love the look of our hands and absolutely hate our feet while others shudder over thigh issues while feeling great about ankles. It’s hard to imagine that anyone feels terrible or great about their every part. Seems it’s always a […]


What if Santa Claus was in menopause?

by betsyr on December 6, 2011

Picture a middle aged Santa as his sleigh begins to lift He’s halfway to the heavens when he sees he forgot the gifts Perhaps he’s a wee bit cranky as he slides down each chimney stack His feet are achy, eyes are itchy, he’s got pains all down his back He’s sweating something awful, a […]


Hot Flash Woman On Fire

by betsyr on November 21, 2011

Hot Flash! Flash Dance. Flash in the Pan. None of these can grab hold of you and shake you to the core like the sudden deluge of heat, dripping perspiration, and shaky chills of a hot flash. 3 Things to Remember In the Heat of the Moment: It’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed It’s embarrassing […]


Hot Flash Menopause Chronicles

by betsyr on October 25, 2011

Dear Menopause Diary: Here is how my work day has been going lately: 9:00am I appear at work wearing the following: Boots, tights, slacks, camisole, long sleeved cotton tee shirt, blouse, vest, scarf. I am carrying a large tote bag containing the following: Flat shoes, a hat, a bottle of water, ice pack, duct tape, […]

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