•  – videos submitted by viewers about their menopause
  • – comprehensive menopause education site filled with helpful articles, practical tips, and more
  •  – good basic menopause info
  • – lots of archived articles about menopause related issues
  • – menopause community that links visitors to menopause experts, general menopause information
  • – bills itself as the ‘Biggest and best site for boomer women since 1997,’ some good articles and posts on diet, symptoms, signs, etc
  • – humorous and cute
  • – interesting posts on menopause, e.g.- incontinence and fighting off memory loss


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Vicky November 30, 2016 at 10:54 am

Yo9&u3#;re hitting all the high notes with this recipe. I love Brussels sprouts but confess I came to this conclusion a bit late in life, my early encounters were with the bitter boiled kind – blegh. Imagine my delight when I found what these beauties tasted like with a bit of respect.

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