Bold Benevolent Barbara

What on earth has happened to our bladders? Needing to pee has been a life long issue, but nothing like now. While our thighs, stomachs, legs, etc. may have been a chronic source of annoyance, our bladders were a body part that we could count on. Well, those days have become a fond memory. Our bladders are the new “thighs,” as in something to be legitimately annoyed about. Peeing has become a major pastime. Having to pee has become a downright nuisance.

Bold Benevolent Barbara

Bemoaning her babby bladder…

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Sanne November 30, 2016 at 10:36 am

Synes likevel dette var en god prisgserine. Jeg kan skrive under på at riktig magetrening gir deg en flott midje når du først har blitt kvitt polstringen.

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Max you’re awesome! I’m bummed bc I was looking forward to doing this WOD at 5:00 with the evening crew followed by the Endirance WOD at 6:00, but I’m not feeling good. I have so many WODs I’m wanting to do right now and not enough time in the day!

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