How to prevent expelation

by Margie M on May 12, 2018

1, well, let’s say I debts for 1-2 weeks to close, let’s come back next year. But why I do not believe in this option because you will have to learn with those who 2 know now, it’s not something that is shameful, they’re just another team-not the fact that I will join.

we have a College(system: school-College-University), almost all corrupt, and Dean-Ingush, I first wanted to bulge, but thank God I lasted, but now I think, but to what end? Many who were pootilla since that time, constantly create a situation with debts.Generally the College itself ceased.I like it.

QUESTION: can I switch to another without loss of course, at least for the next year if it’s late due to the fact that the middle of October? I looked at the city Polytechnic, where Dean-Russian man, there is a correspondence form. the College is in good standing, students more than resident students. IF I go to zaochku, again without loss of…

What to do if expelled? Successful and well-known losers and dropout.

What to do if you are expelled or already expelled from the University, Institute, College and your student’s life left behind sooner than expected?… Or your academic record is not impressive neither your parents, nor teachers, nor you with me? The reasons for joy a little. Or is there?…

If you don’t know what you want to do, here’s a few ideas from biographies of famous losers and dropouts. They certainly know a simple rule of success: there would be No happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped.

Among the successful and famous, rich and accomplished, of course, there are the a-students, “nerds” have their own history of establishment and success, but now it’s not about them.

Keep in mind the words of albert Einstein: “If you rate a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life with a belief in his stupidity.” And the words of James ray: “the True success comes when you turn from the…

When a person goes to College, he gets more freedom than at school: for them do not run, do not give “kicks” for a failed job, or debts, not call our parents for missing pairs. Many students are simply not ready for such freedom. As it turns out, they do not know how to manage your time and learn “at will”. And in fact, education after school is a personal initiative of the person.

What to do if you want to pay

So, you’ve been called to the Dean’s office and threatened to expel him. This means that not all is lost, order is not signed, the student is not expelled. Now we need to mobilize and act.

Conduct preparatory work very quickly (you have to try to do it at the break between pairs): go around all the teachers, in the subjects which you have debts. Before each teacher scold yourself for what you have failed to correctly plan your time, say that to blame you, and already know how to correct the situation, tell us about…

You are only one side of the conflict – When I saw that the teacher is not objective.

Puts the top three for the first time I see it.

And the mission was a success.

Unexpectedly for him – he took from the table a record book and said go to another teacher.


He probably thought this nagast is based on a shaggy hand in the leadership of the institution – it was agreed to 4.

Taken aback by its own arrogance, forgot what came after three, but the retreat was not much.

If you have not got administration and are not set on the team – will give you perezdat exam, the other examiners.

If persecuted butt whipping do not destruct.

With the administration we have to live together. Change training…

Expulsion from the educational institution in which the child really wanted to do, is a tragedy. Parents need to pull myself together, to try to understand his inner state, feelings, not tell every second of what he is a lazy and irresponsible slacker. Child and so very bad. To scold, to humiliate the most simple but non-constructive, unworthy of a parent exit. It does not help loved.

What to do if the child was expelled? How to help him? You first need to understand why it happened. After all, College kids do not just go away, they understand that they must get education, profession.

Seriously, talk quietly with the beloved child. Whether he intended to continue his studies in this College? If the child received low grades, it is possible that it is very difficult to learn, he does not understand the material. Together set a goal to recover in College in the next academic year with renewed energy and knowledge to continue their studies. But…

Expelled from University – what to do next?

If it did not happen on their own, then expulsion from the University for a student is a disaster. In fact, cases of voluntary withdrawal of students from higher institutions is quite small. Typically, expelled students from academies, universities and institutions for misconduct on his part. The reason for expulsion of the student from the University of the Mound can become:

its failure in three or more disciplines, if the debt is not liquidated within a certain period; without good reason is not passing the final certification; largethe amount of absenteeism without a valid reason (from 30 days in an academic year); tuition is not paid within the stipulated time; if a student systematically any obligations.

Thus, the reasons for expulsion from the University quite a lot. And in practice these reasons are very common. For example, in the 2010-2011 academic year from Universities in Kurgan was expelled about 15…

First, the student must know whether he is expelled. On this occasion, the Dean or the rector of the University issues a special order, which the student should familiarize. The former student also needs to issue the documents that are stored in his personal file in the University first and foremost is the certificate for graduation.

Is there anything that can be changed if the order of the rector has already been published? According to the rules of most universities, the student has the right to recover on the course. To this end, before the next academic year should contact the Dean’s office and Express their desire to continue their education. Most likely, you will be able to recover on that course from which you were expelled. With the exception of freshmen – they will need to do it again.

Student, having studied successfully for three years and then expelled, has the right to receive a certificate of incomplete higher education. This is an official document; in particular, it can be present in employment as…

How to pick up the documents and write a letter of resignation from College? Sorry for such a simple question, but I really do not know how to write, who to go to, etc. Have a handler(something like a homeroom teacher), but I have it bad relationship, and I don’t want to look ridiculous at this point.

And it is possible more in detail please?

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