Hot Flash Mob Recipe

by betsyr on January 2, 2012


2 cups of courage
12 menopausal friends
1 cup of I don’t give a sh_t!
1 chill video producer with camera
6 cups of patience
1 bubbly former Patriots cheerleader
12 bottles of spring water
12 cool tank tops
3 oz. of “I forgot the words”
4 Tbs “My body won’t do that step”
24 trips to the bathroom divided into 12 equal parts


1. Spread dancers out leaving 1 arm’s length between each
2. Tuck loose bra straps into tank top gently (repeat)
3. Add rap lyrics and choreography and move vigorously until blended well
4. Ignore jiggles, creaking, and moans while continuing to stir
5. Film and repeat
6. Edit and post on YouTube
7. View at: HOT FLASH MOB
7. Click “Like” and post comments immediately
8. Send to everyone

Serves: Millions (we hope!)

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