I Had A Little Hot Flash

by betsyr on December 23, 2011

Sung to the tune of “I Had a Little Dreidel”

I had a little hot flash,
The seventh one today
My clothes are soaked, I’m shvitzy,
And now I’m cold, Oy vey!

Oh weight gain, night sweats, mood swings,
fatigue and itchy feet,
I can’t light the menorah
‘cause the candles give off heat.

I want to make some latkes
for all my girls and boys,
Oops I forgot potatoes,
So we’ll skip right to the toys!

It’s Hannukah with family,
We celebrate, we eat,
Please seat me near the window
I’m dying from this heat!

I really do feel grateful
I’m alive, life’s good, you bet!
Let’s dance around the table
I don’t care if I sweat!

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